Heros In Blue

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It is time each Police Department is honored, individually and collectively: West Richland, Richland, Kennewick and Pasco Police Departments. We offer you support and encouragement from all of our communities.

During these troubling and challenging times we are standing united as a region to support the continuing efforts you give to serve and protect all of us from harms way. We support your families and thank you for the sacrifices they make while you are caring and protecting all of us.

It is with grateful hearts that we do what we can to express our gratitude to our local men and women in blue for their service. One way we can share our voice of support for their bravery is by purchasing T-shirts, hats, yard signs, signs for your businesses and decals. Please visit the HEROS IN BLUE link here to shop.

United We Stand!

Team Operation We Care Tri-Cities

“Be the Rainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud” – Maya Angelou


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